1650 Wheel Stops

1650 Wheel Stops

Wheel stops provide the ideal solution for controlling the kerb overhang where it is inconvenient or hazardous to pedestrians, inhibiting contact with an end barrier or high kerb and also inhibiting encroachment into an opposing car parking space.

We provide an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution which should be an essential inclusion in any car parking facility.

Constructed from recycled rubber, Australian Bollards’ AB-WS-1650 wheel stops are the economical, lightweight solution for controlling the travel of a vehicle into a parking space and preventing any obstruction or inconvenience to pedestrians. The one-piece construction means the wheel stops can be installed by one person and without the use of heavy lifting machinery.

Australian Bollards’ wheel stops comply with current Australian Standards AS2890.1:2004 for compliant physical dimensions in Australia. With a solid moulded construction and solid black and yellow stripes, these wheel stops will not chip, distort, disintegrate or corrode in various weather conditions and are resistant to UV, moisture, oil and extreme temperature variations, making them the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor parking situations.


While re-installing or fixing a road sign, wheel stops may be a good alternative to cones in protecting the concrete to allow the sign to set properly. Wheel stops may be useful for safeguarding equipment that is yet to be installed, and may be used as a barrier to section off areas of a warehouse from vehicle access. 

Our rubber wheel stops are light-weight, allowing them to be easily manoeuvred by one person. They are durable against harsh weather conditions, and can be left outside for extended periods of time, making them ideal as both temporary or permanent solutions. You can also find this product here as well. 

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