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Chaos causing concrete crash

Chaos causing concrete crash

A driver has been arrested after their van crashed into concrete bollards.

A witness recalled the incident, saying the van “took out all the pavement concrete bollards and spun a few times.” The force of the incident was so great that one wheel was detached from the van.

While the damage to the van was quite significant, it is a small price to pay when people’s safety is at risk.

Australian bollards’ event bollards are a total leasing solution for public safety. They can be deployed at a moment’s notice, with installation by our in-house installation team. Our event bollards provide VBIED and PAS 68 protection.

Our concrete event bollards also include a propriety security insert to ensure they are even more impact resistant than other similar bollards on the market and have the option of solar lighting so they can be visible at night time.

While no one was significantly hurt, dangerous incidents like these can occur at any time.

Just recently, a couple in New Zealand took measures into their own hands by installing concrete bollards outside their home to keep their family safe. They were proved right when a car smashed into their bollards only moments after their kids were playing outside.

We believe that concrete event bollards are the best solution to keep incidents like these from getting out of control.

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UNSW Safeguards their Students

UNSW Safeguards their Students

With the increasing occurrence of terror attacks around the world, Sydney’s city council has been taking steps to enhance security around public spaces in the city centre.

In June this year, the council installed concrete bollards along Martin Place at the location of the Lindt Café siege, to prevent terrorist attacks like those we have seen in London, Barcelona and Nice.

According to a City of Sydney spokesperson, the bollards will help to “strengthen security in public places”.

We couldn’t agree more. With terror attacks sparking fear, the best thing we can do is create safe zones for people, allowing them to go on with their lives unobstructed. By installing bollards, we ensure our right to move freely without fear.

Australian Bollards is proud to assist with this process by providing heavy duty but visually appealing bollards to do the job.

Our bollards have been installed at universities around Australia such as RMIT, Melbourne University, Deakin, and University of Tasmania.


One of our recent installations can be found at The University of NSW where 80 High Impact Energy Absorbing Bollards have been placed in front of the university’s entrances and car parks, providing protection for teachers and students.

We are proud to present a security solution that protects against any vehicle borne attack but also look beautiful and blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

We look forward to supplying and partnering with other universities around Australia in the future to create safer public spaces.

Eliminating High-Risk Highways

Eliminating High-Risk Highways

VicRoads is in partnership with the TAC to deliver improvements on the top 20 highest risk rural roads.

NJM Group applauds this move and is well positioned to assist VicRoads and the TAC in providing solutions as we move towards a safer Victoria.

One of the targeted areas is the Princess Highway which VicRoads has proposed the installation of wire rope centerline barriers between Stratford and Bairnsdale.

According to a VicRoads spokesperson the main reason behind this move of installing safety barriers is to prevent cars running off roads.


And when it comes to preventing vehicles careering off rural roads W railings is an ideal solution.

When drivers lose control of their vehicle on rural roads, it is often the moment the car tires hit the unstable surface next to the road when cars flip or spin out to a greater degree.

The W railing can prevent the car from reaching the unstable surface to minimise the damage to the car and more importantly injury to the car occupants.

NJM Group will continue to work with councils, the State Government and traffic organisations to provide consultancy, products, installations and maintenance as we work towards fulfilling the goal of reducing the dangers of 20 of Victoria’s most dangerous rural highways.

Softer Speed Humps for Parking Safety

Softer Speed Humps for Parking Safety

Speeding in car parks is an incredibly dangerous thing to do, but with shoppers racing for parking spots, it is an all too common occurrence.

Speed Humps provide an effective solution for slowing down cars forcing commuters to drive at a safer speed.

However, many speed humps have steep inclines making it uncomfortable for drivers and passengers passing over them, particularly children, babies and the disabled. It also can be strenuous on car suspensions and can aggravate or cause spinal injuries.

This is why our speed humps are designed to provide a gentle drive over experience.

It is tall enough to meet Australian Standards and provides a visual deterrent to speeding, making parking lots safer for pedestrians while not aggravating drivers enhancing everyone’s shopping experience.

They have been tested against high volume traffic flows, and the materials used ensure durability and longevity over an extensive range of time.

Our range of speed humps are environmentally friendly and are made from recycled rubber.

They are tested and approved to be used in car parks, commercial premises, petrol stations, roads and driveways to provide a gentle approach to car park safety.