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Contriving a safer 80 Collins Street

Contriving a safer 80 Collins Street

QIC’s 80 Collins Street project recently approached NJM Building Contractors, a division of NJM Group, for consultancy on installing bollards at their site.

The building is going to have 39 stories and host 5.800 sqm of retail space as well as a 250-room SilverNeedle hotel, making 80 Collins Street a busy city hub to be. As with all crowded places, security in and around the building is essential.

NJM Building Contractors has extensive experience with manufacturing, supplying, installing, and maintaining bollards and numerous other architectural solutions.

We have a wide range of clients including Metro Trains Melbourne, SA Water, Crown, Etihad Stadium and Melbourne Museum.

Our Avetto certification demonstrates our ability to take on high level government, industrial and commercial projects.

After a thorough consultation, NJM Building Contractors took over management of the bollard installation at 80 Collins Street, making sure it was completed in a safe and timely manner.

NJM Contractors take pride in efficient and safe conscious service and are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers.

If you need professional consultancy, our customer service team would love to hear from you.

Configuring your curved railing

Configuring your curved railing

At Australian Bollards we supply a numerous amount of W Beam railings, and sometimes it’s hard to know which ones to use and for what purpose.

Our curved W Beam railing comes in both 90-degree and 45-degree angles as well as internal and external. Manufactured from galvanised steel, these railings are heavy duty and offers high visibility which enables driver confidence in dark areas.


These barrier systems are designed for along curvatures in highways, roads, around water tanks, gas tanks, car parks, acting as column and pole protection and curves in industrial warehouses.

These beams are installed where protection for drivers, pedestrians and slow moving vehicles is paramount.

If a larger radius curve is needed it can be obtained using our standard straight sections.

The railing can be custom ordered to suit the needs of the space intended, as well as connecting with other W Beams for greater protection and security.

Repairing W Beams is easy and cost-effective, a section can be taken and replaced if needed, and doesn’t have to compromise on strength or safety.

If you would like to know more feel free to contact our sales team on +61 9549 3488

Our cities would be safer using Trident Bollards

Our cities would be safer using Trident Bollards

Premium protection calls for premium products, which are durable, strong and resilient.

In high traffic scenarios, where protection of people, assets and buildings is our main goal, high impact resistant and subsurface mounted bollards provide a secure protective environment.

The market is in demand for a stable protection solution, especially now that the Omni stop bollard has been withdrawn from the market place.

Tram stop is a particularly sensitive location. According to Yarra Trams, over 3.5 million of passengers use the tram service in Melbourne every week. Weekends are particularly busy, with over 500,000 people using the trams.

With our Trident bollard system, designed carefully to prevent impact from vehicles moving at speed of 40 km/h, which is the most common speed limit in major city streets, and weighting roughly 1650 kg, security is never compromised.

Placing the right bollard at tram stops can play a crucial role in protecting the passengers and being OH&S compliant, they can help save lives during incidents which can occur at or around tram stops.

Manufactured from 350 grade Australian steel and with Australian Bollards durable finish, they have an additional distinguishable feature. Namely, installed with FD 300, which is a solar powered LED amber safety system placed between the bollards, making it a perfect safety solution.

The highly visible LED markers which flash during the night serve as guidance indicators for drivers, increasing the night time visibility, making the area safer and clearly marked. Night visibility is further enhanced by the 3M reflective tape at the top of the bollard.

Our Trident bollard system is the perfect solution for protecting government buildings, hospitals, pavement cafes, shopping centres, bus and tram stops, retail shop windows and similar. These locations are now at high risk due to previously installed inadequate protection systems.

Overview of the Caribbean Business Park project

Overview of the Caribbean Business Park project

With 200,000m² of state-of-the-art office buildings surrounded by lush grasslands and lakes, the Caribbean Business Park truly is staking its claim as the premier business park in Australia.

To achieve their desires of grandeur, the Caribbean Business Park team has joined forces with NJM Group, to provide safety solutions which come with a level of sophistication and professionalism.

We have recently completed the stage one construction process which involved installing handrails, balustrades, parking bollards, wheel stops, light bollards, height bars and card readers.


And following that successful installation we are proud to announce, we will be heavily involved in stage two.


While talks are still going on, we do know there will be many handrails and balustrades being installed by Australian Handrails, a division of NJM Group.

The handrails will be custom built to seamless blend in to the surroundings.

This installation is just one of many examples of how we provide perfectly tailored solutions for clients from our wide range of products to ensure all their safety requirements are met while achieving any aesthetic our client’s desire.

Creating ‘safe zones’ at supermarkets

Creating ‘safe zones’ at supermarkets

Supermarkets often feature long glass walls which back on to parking lots and Coles Patterson Lakes is no exception.

For this reason, bollard protection is essential and Australian Bollards was happy to oblige by installing a row of grey high impact bollards to provide protection.

Whether it be protection from ram-raids, terrorism, machinery accidents or simply someone mistaking their accelerator for their brake, this installation will ensure the safety of shoppers as well as protecting the building itself.

Coles Patterson Lakes now has two layers of protection, the first being a row of wheel stops which would slow down a driver who is headed towards the building and now a very sturdy second layer of protection in the bollards.

In recent times, ram-raiding thieves and terrorists have targeted all kinds of shopping facilities whether it is major shopping centres or standalone supermarkets.

Australian Bollards is well-known for keeping Australias most frequented areas, facilities and precincts safe through customising solutions which not only provide protection but look good. 

What is a Trident Bollard System

What is a Trident Bollard System

NJM Group has launched the Trident Bollard system.

So, what is a trident? Traditionally a weapon used by Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea, it resembles a pitchfork with three prongs that has long personified strength. In the case of Australian Bollards, the Trident System is a supreme safety solution for high traffic areas.

Comprised of Trident Bollards that flank Solar LED Line Markers, this initiative incorporates a collaboration between exceptional defence and visibility enhancement to produce a versatile protective system.

Ideally utilised in construction zones where building apparatuses and overhead gantries are in place, Trident Bollards are engineered to safeguard pedestrians, vehicles and assets while the line marker offers illumination after dark in order to warn nearby drivers to slow down, rendering this as the perfect day and night solution.

As a result, local councils are a specific entity that would reap the benefits of implementing a Trident Bollard system on site in construction scenarios to further improve workplace and community safety, as well as other high risk areas such as the front of cafes and primary school pedestrian crossings.

The Trident System will challenge Saferoads’ Omni-Stop Bollard as the premium item on the market, with both products equipped to handle 40 kilometre an hour impact while retaining structural integrity.


This system not only delivers quality protection and durability but does so in an environmentally conscious manner, with the Solar LED Line Marker demonstrating Australian Bollard’s commitment to sustainability.

Manufactured from stainless steel in a yellow powder coated finish, Trident Bollards are high impact resistant, key lockable and subsurface mounted via core drilled housing for convenient and simple removal.

Perfect for application in congested areas, these bollards boast a 9.9 millimetre wall thickness and are capable of withstanding vehicles weighing roughly 1650 kilograms travelling at around 40 kilometres an hour.

A model of functionality, the Trident System from Australian Bollards is the obvious choice for ensuring a sustainable and secure protective environment in heavy traffic situations.

Caribbean Park gets fitted out with quality car park solutions

Caribbean Park gets fitted out with quality car park solutions

Wheel stops are most commonly seen in parking lots and underground car parks to prevent vehicles from colliding with other vehicles, buildings, garden beds or from obstructing pedestrian walkways.

Constructed from recycled rubber, Australian Bollards’ AB-WS-1650 wheel stops are the economical, lightweight solution for controlling the travel of a vehicle into a parking space and preventing any obstruction or inconvenience to pedestrians. The one-piece construction means the wheel stops can be installed by one person and without the use of heavy lifting machinery.

Australian Bollards’ wheel stops comply with current Australian Standards AS2890.1:2004 for compliant physical dimensions in Australia. With a solid moulded construction and solid black and yellow stripes, our wheel stops will not chip, distort, disintegrate or corrode in various weather conditions. These wheel stops are resistant to UV, moisture, oil and extreme temperature variations, making them the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor parking situations.

Australian Bollards installed 280 of these wheel stops at the newly developed Caribbean Business Park. The purpose of these wheel stops is to prevent drivers from coming into contact with the wall, as well as allowing enough room for pedestrian thoroughfare.

In addition, Australian Bollards installed heavy duty bollards to prevent vehicles colliding with glass containing lift access and Armco barriers to further protect the areas surrounding the underground car park and withstand vehicle impact.

Also available in Australian Bollards’ range of wheel stops are: Truck wheel stops, concrete enforcers and galvanised steel wheel stops. Australian Bollards can customise a wheel stop solution to suit your individual site requirements.

Lighting the way for safe night time driving

Lighting the way for safe night time driving

When the sun sets, both pedestrian and driver visibility are jeopardised particularly where street lighting is limited or unavailable either for cost or environmental reasons, this can compromise the safety of pedestrians in areas where vehicles may be present.

Australian Bollards provides a sustainable, cost-effective and long-lasting road safety solution to help reduce the possibility of accidents occurring particularly due to limited visibility. Our durable AB-FD300 road studs are the latest in road marking technology and increase safety precautions in pedestrian and vehicle populated areas. On Melbourne’s busy Collins Street, our LED road markers were installed near a tram stop to alert vehicles that a tram stop is coming up, therefore to be cautious of pedestrians approaching.

Constructed from durable polyurethane, these road markers are visible in all weather conditions and can withstand up to 20 tons truck load. The road studs are designed for permanent or temporary use and can easily be affixed by three anchor points to a variety of different surfaces such as: concrete, asphalt, timber and metal with minimal maintenance requirements. Our road studs can be used in loading docks, railways crossings, petrol stations, tunnels, cross overs, road intersections and a variety of other applications.

Australian Bollards have two different types of road studs – solar markers and wired road studs. The solar road markers have three blinking LED amber lights on each side and are rechargeable even when there is no direct sunlight. The wired road markers have 6 blinking LED amber lights on each side and up to 150 can be synched to the one controller. The wired road studs would be best suited to an area where there is no light, such as in a tunnel.

Australian Bollards can customise a road marker solution to suit your specific application.

Setting the ‘mark’ for safer road

Setting the ‘mark’ for safer road

There was terrible news earlier this year with the image of car split in half from an accident on the Monash Freeway after a truck driver was confused by road markings.

Thankfully no one was killed but looking forward we can look at ways to make our roads safer with clearer road signs and markings.

NJM Group offer a range of signage and road marking products which can help to prevent such accidents in the future.

Hazard markers and warning signs clearly point out changes in road patterns or road conditions to alert drivers of sharp turns, intersections, steep inclines, gravel roads, animal crossings and many more.


Temporary road work signs should also be used sufficiently to warn drivers of potential hazards such as rough surfaces, water running over the road, lane ending and loose stones.

NJM also offer solar road studs to mark lanes clearly in night conditions.


Ideal for areas where street lights are not available or for power saving purposes, this sustainable solution stores power in the day time and flashes at night to clearly mark lanes.

A UK study showed having road markings that light up at night time can reduce accidents rates by over 70% during dark hours.

The use of studs aren’t limited to the road, they can be used in car parks, petrol stations, factories, tram stops, pedestrian cross overs, loading docks and more.

As NJM Group aim to make Australia a safer place, the more of these products that are adopted, the safer the country becomes.