Eliminating High-Risk Highways

Eliminating High-Risk Highways

VicRoads is in partnership with the TAC to deliver improvements on the top 20 highest risk rural roads.

NJM Group applauds this move and is well positioned to assist VicRoads and the TAC in providing solutions as we move towards a safer Victoria.

One of the targeted areas is the Princess Highway which VicRoads has proposed the installation of wire rope centerline barriers between Stratford and Bairnsdale.

According to a VicRoads spokesperson the main reason behind this move of installing safety barriers is to prevent cars running off roads.


And when it comes to preventing vehicles careering off rural roads W railings is an ideal solution.

When drivers lose control of their vehicle on rural roads, it is often the moment the car tires hit the unstable surface next to the road when cars flip or spin out to a greater degree.

The W railing can prevent the car from reaching the unstable surface to minimise the damage to the car and more importantly injury to the car occupants.

NJM Group will continue to work with councils, the State Government and traffic organisations to provide consultancy, products, installations and maintenance as we work towards fulfilling the goal of reducing the dangers of 20 of Victoria’s most dangerous rural highways.