What is a Trident Bollard System

What is a Trident Bollard System

NJM Group has launched the Trident Bollard system.

So, what is a trident? Traditionally a weapon used by Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea, it resembles a pitchfork with three prongs that has long personified strength. In the case of Australian Bollards, the Trident System is a supreme safety solution for high traffic areas.

Comprised of Trident Bollards that flank Solar LED Line Markers, this initiative incorporates a collaboration between exceptional defence and visibility enhancement to produce a versatile protective system.

Ideally utilised in construction zones where building apparatuses and overhead gantries are in place, Trident Bollards are engineered to safeguard pedestrians, vehicles and assets while the line marker offers illumination after dark in order to warn nearby drivers to slow down, rendering this as the perfect day and night solution.

As a result, local councils are a specific entity that would reap the benefits of implementing a Trident Bollard system on site in construction scenarios to further improve workplace and community safety, as well as other high risk areas such as the front of cafes and primary school pedestrian crossings.

The Trident System will challenge Saferoads’ Omni-Stop Bollard as the premium item on the market, with both products equipped to handle 40 kilometre an hour impact while retaining structural integrity.


This system not only delivers quality protection and durability but does so in an environmentally conscious manner, with the Solar LED Line Marker demonstrating Australian Bollard’s commitment to sustainability.

Manufactured from stainless steel in a yellow powder coated finish, Trident Bollards are high impact resistant, key lockable and subsurface mounted via core drilled housing for convenient and simple removal.

Perfect for application in congested areas, these bollards boast a 9.9 millimetre wall thickness and are capable of withstanding vehicles weighing roughly 1650 kilograms travelling at around 40 kilometres an hour.

A model of functionality, the Trident System from Australian Bollards is the obvious choice for ensuring a sustainable and secure protective environment in heavy traffic situations.