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Chaos causing concrete crash

Chaos causing concrete crash

A driver has been arrested after their van crashed into concrete bollards.

A witness recalled the incident, saying the van “took out all the pavement concrete bollards and spun a few times.” The force of the incident was so great that one wheel was detached from the van.

While the damage to the van was quite significant, it is a small price to pay when people’s safety is at risk.

Australian bollards’ event bollards are a total leasing solution for public safety. They can be deployed at a moment’s notice, with installation by our in-house installation team. Our event bollards provide VBIED and PAS 68 protection.

Our concrete event bollards also include a propriety security insert to ensure they are even more impact resistant than other similar bollards on the market and have the option of solar lighting so they can be visible at night time.

While no one was significantly hurt, dangerous incidents like these can occur at any time.

Just recently, a couple in New Zealand took measures into their own hands by installing concrete bollards outside their home to keep their family safe. They were proved right when a car smashed into their bollards only moments after their kids were playing outside.

We believe that concrete event bollards are the best solution to keep incidents like these from getting out of control.

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