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Lighting the way for safe night time driving

Lighting the way for safe night time driving

When the sun sets, both pedestrian and driver visibility are jeopardised particularly where street lighting is limited or unavailable either for cost or environmental reasons, this can compromise the safety of pedestrians in areas where vehicles may be present.

Australian Bollards provides a sustainable, cost-effective and long-lasting road safety solution to help reduce the possibility of accidents occurring particularly due to limited visibility. Our durable AB-FD300 road studs are the latest in road marking technology and increase safety precautions in pedestrian and vehicle populated areas. On Melbourne’s busy Collins Street, our LED road markers were installed near a tram stop to alert vehicles that a tram stop is coming up, therefore to be cautious of pedestrians approaching.

Constructed from durable polyurethane, these road markers are visible in all weather conditions and can withstand up to 20 tons truck load. The road studs are designed for permanent or temporary use and can easily be affixed by three anchor points to a variety of different surfaces such as: concrete, asphalt, timber and metal with minimal maintenance requirements. Our road studs can be used in loading docks, railways crossings, petrol stations, tunnels, cross overs, road intersections and a variety of other applications.

Australian Bollards have two different types of road studs – solar markers and wired road studs. The solar road markers have three blinking LED amber lights on each side and are rechargeable even when there is no direct sunlight. The wired road markers have 6 blinking LED amber lights on each side and up to 150 can be synched to the one controller. The wired road studs would be best suited to an area where there is no light, such as in a tunnel.

Australian Bollards can customise a road marker solution to suit your specific application.