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Configuring your curved railing

Configuring your curved railing

At Australian Bollards we supply a numerous amount of W Beam railings, and sometimes it’s hard to know which ones to use and for what purpose.

Our curved W Beam railing comes in both 90-degree and 45-degree angles as well as internal and external. Manufactured from galvanised steel, these railings are heavy duty and offers high visibility which enables driver confidence in dark areas.


These barrier systems are designed for along curvatures in highways, roads, around water tanks, gas tanks, car parks, acting as column and pole protection and curves in industrial warehouses.

These beams are installed where protection for drivers, pedestrians and slow moving vehicles is paramount.

If a larger radius curve is needed it can be obtained using our standard straight sections.

The railing can be custom ordered to suit the needs of the space intended, as well as connecting with other W Beams for greater protection and security.

Repairing W Beams is easy and cost-effective, a section can be taken and replaced if needed, and doesn’t have to compromise on strength or safety.

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