Internal and External 90 Degree Curved Rail

Internal and External 90 Degree Curved Rail

Curved Rails are of optimal use when installed into curved roads or curved objects, without compromising on safety and strength.

Our Curved rails come in 45 degree angles or 90 degree angles, to suit the difference in curvature needed. If a larger radius curve is needed it can be obtained using our standard straight sections.

Internal 90 degree angle

External 90 degree angle

Australian Bollards – Barriers and Guardrails are a flexible safety barrier system that protects lives and property by minimising damage to vehicles and their occupants.

These Australian Bollards – Armco Guardrails are applied in:
– Car Parks
– Gas Tanks Protection
– Roadside application on Freeways and Highways
– Column and Pole Protection

These guardrails can be installed on curved surfaces without affecting its strength or safety, no extra attachment is needed. These flexible barriers spread there impact load to the next section, and can withstand heavy impact.
Our Armco Guardrails can be easily maintained, by replacing a defected section without interfering with the other sections. These Armco Barriers are highly durable and are Hot Dip Galvanised to ensure they are corrosion resistance. These Armco Guardrails can also be provided in a Powder Coated Finish.

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