Setting the ‘mark’ for safer road

Setting the ‘mark’ for safer road

There was terrible news earlier this year with the image of car split in half from an accident on the Monash Freeway after a truck driver was confused by road markings.

Thankfully no one was killed but looking forward we can look at ways to make our roads safer with clearer road signs and markings.

NJM Group offer a range of signage and road marking products which can help to prevent such accidents in the future.

Hazard markers and warning signs clearly point out changes in road patterns or road conditions to alert drivers of sharp turns, intersections, steep inclines, gravel roads, animal crossings and many more.


Temporary road work signs should also be used sufficiently to warn drivers of potential hazards such as rough surfaces, water running over the road, lane ending and loose stones.

NJM also offer solar road studs to mark lanes clearly in night conditions.


Ideal for areas where street lights are not available or for power saving purposes, this sustainable solution stores power in the day time and flashes at night to clearly mark lanes.

A UK study showed having road markings that light up at night time can reduce accidents rates by over 70% during dark hours.

The use of studs aren’t limited to the road, they can be used in car parks, petrol stations, factories, tram stops, pedestrian cross overs, loading docks and more.

As NJM Group aim to make Australia a safer place, the more of these products that are adopted, the safer the country becomes.