Speed Cushions

Speed Cushions

Speed cushions are designed to have minimal impact to drivers while ensuring that speeds are being reduced.

It generates easier access and greater flow for larger vehicles to pass through while reducing car speeds.

The EPDM rubber cushions offer greater flexibility with interlocking sections which allow the product to be added to and fit any road width. The embedded reflective technology enables drivers increased visibility and safety; day or night.

The rubber technology is lighter, more durable and cost-effective than concrete or asphalt. This makes installation quick and easy, reducing the need to disrupt traffic flow and avoid long and expensive road closures.

Our speed cushions comply with Australian Standards (AS2890.1:2004) due to its exceptional performance ratings. They have been tested against high volume traffic flows, and the materials used ensure durability and longevity over an extensive range of time.

They are tested and approved to be used in car parks, commercial premises, petrol stations, roads and driveways that carry high levels of traffic and convention spaces or factories.

Section sizes : 900mm x 500mm

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